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Power Hoop | with Claire Fisher

This 4-week course, equally suitable for beginners and people with previous hula hooping experience, will explore Powerhooping not only as a great way to get a sweat on, but also as a form of meditation and creative expression.

Due to their weight and large diameter, Powerhoops are easier to use than traditional lighter hula hoops whilst also promoting rapid development of the body’s core muscles. You’ll learn how to use the hoop as a tool to strengthen your body, focus your mind, and improve your sense of rhythm and coordination. Each 1hour session will take you on a journey into dance styles from across the globe, from Africa all the way to Latin America (no previous dance experience necessary). The sessions will be tailored to allow you to progress at a pace that serves you and your body.

While each session will be playful and fun, we will also delve deeper into Powerhooping as an aid to achieving mindfulness and the psychological state of ‘flow’, also known as ‘getting in the zone’. Intense concentration and the merging of movement and awareness are required whilst hooping, making it a great way to access the mental state of flow. This state of mindfulness is accompanied by many physical and mental benefits, such as deepened breathing, heightened body awareness, increased productivity, calmness, and even euphoria. The fusion of energetic, expressive movement alongside breath work and relaxation during these sessions is a recipe for feeling both
empowered and blissed out!


Here are just a few of many other benefits Powerhooping can offer the mind and body:

  • Full-circle training: Powerhooping strengthens the full 360 degree circle of the body’s core muscles like no other singular training exercise out there. It improves core stability by building a ‘body armour’ of muscle mass, in turn protecting the spine.
  • Loss of self-consciousness: Because the act of hooping requires the majority of our attentional resources, it has an amazing way of bringing you into the present moment and letting you enjoy the here and now.
  • Enhanced expressive creativity: Enjoy the therapeutic effects that are to be gained from learning a new skill that involves self-expression through movement and dance, whilst also releasing those heavenly endorphins.

Claire has been hooping for four years now and, although her training background lies in fitness, her teaching style is heavily inspired by elements of yoga. Her classes combine expressive movement, invigorating cardio, breath-led muscular strength exercises, and relaxation. Having recently completed a PhD in Psychology, she is particularly interested in the positive impact hooping has on the mind as well as the body.

Weekly Powerhoop hire is included in the price of the course, with the option to choose different weights of hoop as you progress.

Client testimonials:

Helen Mitchell – “Love it! Great fun and Claire is such a good instructor.”

Heather Longwell – “Claire is a fantastic fitness instructor and her class is one of my absolute favourites. She keeps every class completely unique, and you won't believe how much you sweat by the end! The music is always fantastic, and it doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner or total pro, she keeps everyone involved at all times. Can't recommend this wee gem of a class enough!”

Rachel Wilson – “Claire is amazing! So friendly and enthusiastic even when my hoop was pretty much constantly falling on the floor! Her classes are fun
and high energy and a great workout too. Would recommend to everyone!”

Bekki Weiss – “Wonderful class and teacher! I’ve never had so much fun doing a workout.”

Katrino Reid – “I have never smiled so much as I do at these classes!”

Shona Fridh – “Awesome instructor and lots of fun. I've brought two different people along to classes and they loved it. Highly recommend giving it a try, you won’t regret it. It’s a great workout!”

Sam McFarlane – “Definitely loved it! So much more fun than I expected and I expected fun!”


£40 for the 4-week course, including hoop hire.

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