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​Sacred Chocolate - A Women's Cacao Ceremony | with Fiona Sears

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Join us in this monthly gathering, where you are invited to come as you are. 

A loving container for you to rest, nourish your soft animal body and connect deeper with its innate wisdom. 

The support offered by circles such as this one has been a key to my life process, a warm reminder that I am held and loved. 

I want to share this with you! 

Cacao is a wonderful way to work with plants as medicine. It has been a teacher in my life pointing to softness, joy and permission to experience the pleasure of being fully in my body (and not constantly led by the whims of my mind). It has taught me to 'Be with' what is unfolding within. To slow down when this is needed, but to be able to speed up when the time for this comes too. 

I am holding this space for you to connect directly and in your own way with the medicine and teaching of Cacao, for you to receive all that is truly needed. But, as with any practice or medicine, the real work is done in your everyday life. Once the message is received, it is your responsibility to integrate this in your day to day, moment to moment living. 

As well as the supportive energy of the cacao itself, we will be engaging in a variety of practices that will follow each month's theme, usually inspired by the cycle of the seasons and celtic festivals. I love working with movement and breath, restorative yoga as well as the richness of essential oils, so there are bound to be some of these included in our gathering! 

Here is a taster video!

If you would like more detail on how I work with cacao and my personal journey with this wonderful plant you are welcome to read more here:

The only contra-indications to working with cacao are any severe heart related illness or certain types of (older) anti-depressant medications. 

Please ask your doctor before attending if you are unsure.

I look forward to welcoming you into our circle! 

Saturday 20th January | 2-6pm | £40

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Fiona Sears is a seasoned space holder, Sacred Chocolate magic-maker, Somatic Bodyworker and Restorative Yoga teacher. For the better part of 6 years she has been exploring and learning about the body, healing traditions, yoga and plant medicine. She has worked with dozens of women in sacred circles and attended  many ceremonies of different kinds and has gathered the best from these experiences brining them into her practise today.