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Cacao Ceremony | with Fiona Sears

  • The Kali Collective (map)

Welcome to this gathering of like-minded women to connect and share in the magic and medicine of sacred cacao. 

You can expect a ceremonial drink of raw cacao blended with spices such as cinnamon, chili and vanilla and sweetened with a little raw honey or coconut sugar if required. 

We will be exploring breath work, movement meditation and deep resting in an open and grounded container. 

Please come with full permission from yourself to explore your own depths, let go into your body's wisdom and sink a little deeper into the helm of your being. 

Cacao encourages an opening and relaxation on many levels. Physically, it works with the circulatory system to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow throughout the body and contains high amounts of magnesium which helps tense muscles loosen. It also holds potent biochemical compounds that encourage the nervous system to scale back from a constant fight or flight response to a state of relaxation and regeneration. Here is where important 'resets' can occur-for example, where patterns of tension can be released and replaced with a softening and acceptance of what is. 

Fiona Sears has been holding Cacao ceremonies for 2 years now and has shared with dozens of women who have found cacao to be a wonderful guide and ally in their lives, as well as very good medicine for anyone who seeks a greater level of connection with themselves and the others. 

Cacao is a gentle and very safe way to work with a medicinal plant, however it is not advisable to attend if you have a severe heart condition or are taking certain types of antidepressant medication. Please ask your doctor if you are unsure.

Sunday 13th August - 2-6pm



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