Feeling the Burn at Barre

Barre is slowly but surely becoming more popular in our small but amazing country, Scotland. Having experienced classes like this in North America and London we decided to have the Barre installed so we could bring this class to Glasgow. Steph trained with Total Barre in her home town of Kelowna, BC, Canada.

My barre experiences always include a lot of giggling! I begin thinking 'oh yeah I can do this, its just a little move, a little pulse, I got this!' then a minute later Im giggling, muscles are burning and legs are shaking and Im instantly humbled and my ego is crushed! Barre has a way of getting right to the point, no messing about. My legs, butt and core are thankful!

Steph teaches 4 barre classes a week and has a workshop coming up on the 16th August. So if you are curious but unsure of coming to a class, book yourself into the workshop and listen to Steph break each move down and demo it so your understanding of muscle activation and alignment gives you confidence at your next class.

Our barre classes can only take about 14 people so please ensure and book your spots to avoid disappointment. 

See you at the barre.....Jenny