An Introduction to the Chakras | By Steph Wall

Hey Yogis, here are Stephs notes from the recent Chakra Tuning Workshop! Keep an eye on the events page for the next one!

Now that the dust has settled...

I know that Chakra Tuning Workshop can be intense! You all did so amazing. It takes courage and bravery to step into the unknown - to a place that can drag up old stories and experiences - all to dive deeper into the self. And you all did it with elegance (most the time) and grace (some of the time!). Be proud. 

I talked A LOT about the chakras with the intention of letting something land in your body so you can experience it on a deep, cellular level. Now that the integration has started, I'd like to share with you what I spoke about so you can get to the information from another angle. Have a read, ask yourself some questions, and continue doing the work! The hardest part of self growth is both acknowledging our shadows and then actually doing the work to call on the light. 

So if you find something that you connect with then sit with it. Contemplate it. And then use all the tools  (meditation, mantra, colours, visualisations, affirmations, breath, poses etc.) you learned at the workshop to get the light moving. 



- Chakra translates to “wheel” or “vortex”.

- They were conceptualised 4000 years ago.

- Chakra is literally a centre of organisation that receives, assimilates and expresses life’s energy.

• They in uence our body shape, chronic physical ailments, thoughts and behaviour.

• Each chakra represents a different human instinct -

1 - survival

2 - sex

3 - power

4 - love

5 - communication

6 - intuition,

7 - consciousness.

• Each chakra is responsible for an energy / frequency which corresponds to a colour. For example the lowest colour frequency is red = base chakra, the highest is violet = crown chakra. Each chakra also has a sound frequency, called a bij mantra (see below).

• We charge our chakras with energy. Energy comes in the form of thoughts, awareness, attention, excitement etc. So by understanding our chakras, we under- stand our physical, behavioural and emotional patterns

• Each chakra has 2 energy ows: the current of expression and the current of recep- tion. When they are unbalanced we become either in excess or de cient.

• The way we deal with experiences in life, whether good or bad, cause us develop coping strategies that either increase or decrease the ow of energy, which can cause physical or emotional problems.



The rst part is recognising which chakras need work and being open to allowing change to come into your life. Many different techniques can be used to “tune” your chakras such as yoga, meditation, mantra, colour visualisation, breathing and self study. To bring our chakras back into balance we need to either discharge or invite energy using the techniques mentioned.


Root Chakra - Lum

Sacral Chakra - Vum

Solar Plexus Chakra - Rum

Heart Chakra - Yum

Throat Chakra - Hum

Third Eye Chakra - Om Crown Chakra




Root Chakra - Red

Sacral Chakra - Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow

Heath Chakra - Green

Throat Chakra - Blue

Third Eye Chakra - Indigo

Crown Chakra - Violet



Description for each Chakra


Location: base of spine

Emotional Issues: safety, security, family law and order, ability to provide for one’s necessities

Balanced: stability, grounding, trust, physical health

Excessive : heavy, sluggish, monotony, hording

Defecient: fearful, undisciplined, restless, underweight



Location: Abdominals, genitals, low back, hips

Emotional Issues: blame, guilt, money, sex, power, control Balanced: pleasure, healthy sexuality

Excessive: sex addiction, overly emotional, obsessive attachments De cient: frigid, emotionally numb, fearful of pleasure


Location: Solar Plexus, stomach, middle spine

Emotional Issues: trust, fear, intimidation, self esteem, self con dence, care of self and others, decision making, sensitivity to criticism

Balanced: Vitality, willpower, self esteem

Excessive: Controlling, aggressive, scattered, constantly active

Defecient: Weak will, lack of self esteem, passive, fearful


Location: Heart, lungs, shoulders

Emotional Issues: love, hate, resentment, grief, anger, loneliness, commitment, forgiveness, compassion, hope

Balanced: self acceptance, good relationships

Excessive: dependancy, jealous, possessive

Defecient: shy, lonely, isolated, bitter, critical


Location: Throat, neck, mouth

Emotional Issues: personal expression, addiction, judgement Balanced: clear communication, creativity

Excessive: excessive talking, inability to listen, stuttering Defecient: fear of speaking or communicating

6 - ANJA

Location: Brow, brain

Emotional Issues: truth, feelings of adequecy, intelligence

Balanced: imagination, clear seeing, accurate perception

Excessive: headaches, nightmares, hallucinations, lack of concentration Defecient: poor memory, unimaginitive


Location: Top of head, skeletal system, skin, muscular


Emotional Issues: ability to trust life, values, ethics, courage, sel essness, spirituality, faith, inspiration

Balanced: wisdom, knowledge, spiritual connection

Excessive: Spiritual addiction, overly intellectual

De cient: Learning dif culties, limited beliefs, apathy


1 - ROOT:

It is safe for me to be here

The earth supports me and my needs I love my body and trust it’s wisdom

I am immersed in abundance

I am here and I am real.


I deserve pleasure in my life

I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly

The re within me burns through blocks and fears I can do whatever my will to do

3 - HEART:

I am worthy of love

I am loving to myself and others There is an in nite supply of love I live in balance with others


I hear and speak the truth

I express myself with clear intent Creativity ows in and through me My voice is necessary


I see all things in clarity

I am open to the wisdom within I can manifest my vision

6 - CROWN:

Divinity resides within me

I am open to new ideas Information I need comes to me The world is my teacher

I am guided by a higher power

I am guided by my inner wisdom


- Anatomy of the Spirit - Caroline Myss

- Eastern Body Western Mind - Anodea Judith