Why We Have Expiry Dates and Cancellation Policies

At The Kali Collective Yoga Studio, we understand it can feel frustrating to lose out on classes that have been purchased because of our cancellation and expiry date policies. So we would love the opportunity to clarify our position on this matter. 

The reason we have a 12 hour cancellation policy is to ensure we are allowing the maximum number of students to participate as possible. When someone signs in to class and does not show up, or cancels without much notice, other people are prevented from coming to a class as the class may be full. We are now in a place with our studio that full classes are a common occurrence and feel it is only fair that people who sign up stay committed to attending or be penalised for taking another person's spot.

Signing up in advance is not mandatory or enforced so the act of booking and the consequences of not coming to class is the full responsibility of the person who made the choice to sign up in the first place. We understand things come up and will make exceptions for illnesses or a force majeuer. 

As for expiry dates, any pricing option other than a 1 time drop in rate will have an expiry date of either 3, 6 or 12 months. This is because the classes are sold at a reduced rate and therefore have less flexibility. This also allows for the studio to run with manageable cash flow which is imperative in running a steady, stable business. 

We feel our expiry dates are fair and allow for enough flexibility should something arise in the time that it has been purchased. We provide several different options to empower our students to make the best decisions for themselves. As with our cancellation policies we do make rare exceptions for illness and a force majeuer. 

We hope this helps to clarify our policies around this!