5 Reasons To Join Me In Bali THIS Year!

1. Nyepi Day Celebrations - The retreat is being held over the week of the Balinese New Year which means we will be fully participating in both the NYE celebrations and the day of silence that follows. Nyepi Day is not to be missed. Imagine, an entire island shuts down the wifi, electricity, airport, and shops. You're not even supposed to leave your home! The day of silence is an opportunity to spend time with yourself and enjoy the quiet, something we don't do enough of. It might sound intimidating, but I promise, relaxing to the sound of the jungle and bathing in the sun will not be difficult. Oh, and have you ever looked up at a night sky where there wasn't light pollution for miles upon miles upon miles? Not like this you haven't!

Bali 2018-27.jpg

2. New Years Eve Celebration - The days leading up to Nyepi day are full of rituals and one of them you cannot miss. Bhuta Yajna is a ritual where each neighborhood gets together and create demonic looking papier-mache statues (called ogoh-ogoh) to chase away negative, malevolent forces off the island. On New Year's Eve, everyone parades around the streets following the ogoh-ogohs while banging on drums, and dancing. Then, all the ogoh-ogohs get set on fire as a way of symbolizing each individual burning away their own negative and malevolent forces. I promise you will have a smile on your face for hours and feel something deep in your heart.

3. The Sunshine! If you're living in the northern hemisphere, you know what March can be like; old, dreary and dark. Nothing wrong with that but it might be nice to pump yourself full of vitamin D! Our retreat center has a beautiful pool to lay beside or dive in. Or why not climb a volcano to watch the sunrise? Or spend the day trekking through the rice fields? All under the Balinese sunshine in high 20-degree weather.

Naya ~ Pool.jpg

4. Yoga. 2 yoga classes a day exploring yin and yang, fire and ice, sun and moon, darkness and light. That's 3 hours a day to get into your body, stretch, strengthen, explore, breathe deep and find stillness. There is no way you won't leave this retreat feeling deeply connected to your body and your soul.

Bali 2018-2.jpg

-"This retreat transformed my practice, and lifted my spirit. I’m so grateful for the chance to join these wonderful people for a life-changing experience. Steph’s teaching has moved me substantially forward in my study of yoga."

5. Nature. Bali is so unique in that there is a special energy that wraps the island and creates this magic in the air that is hard to put into words. It's as if you can breathe deeper and feel potential and creativity in the air. The songs of the jungle along are enough to inspire you to reconnect with nature and with yourself. The endless rice fields, thick jungle, cute monkeys, the creatures that invite you into their land, all with the backdrop of a volcano set the perfect scene for you to relax and remember your true nature, which is one of total connection, belonging and infusion with all that's around you.


Join me on my next retreat in Bali! March 3rd - 10th, 2019 

There is no light without darkness. There is no sun without the moon. Our invitation is to learn how to live our lives without preferring one over the other. Our work to living a full, conscious life is to honor both sides and see all aspects of ourselves and the world around us. The shadow and the light. 

Join Steph for this transformative and alchemic week in the Balinese Jungle. Centered around Nyepi Day, Bali's New Year's Day, we will explore and honor the infusion and merging of the sun and the moon, the masculine and feminine, the fire and ice, the yin and yang.

Through our yoga practice, we will explore both vinyasa and yin yoga to discover the dynamic play of these two forces within our inner landscape. By celebrating the New Years Eve Festival and participating in the silent day that follows, we will see and observe the dance of the masculine and feminine in the external world as well.