What is an All Humans Circle?


Why are circles so powerful? With a circle, there is no start or stop. There is no above or below, or beginning or end. It's one continuous flow of energy or movement that is unbound. A powerful thing happens when people sit in a circle, as any hierarchy dissolves and the wisdom of all participants can rise to the surface. All voices are valued equally, and a dynamic is created that cannot be replicated or destroyed.

We are starting to host All Humans Circles as a way to create a physical and emotional space for people to come together and discuss matters that are maybe more challenging to discuss with others. Our intention is to put a voice to things we all feel like sadness, anger, loneliness and anxiety, so these emotions can be moved and potentially transformed. The darkness inside is nothing to be ashamed of or suppressed. Rather, we want to encourage support and communication between people to help each other process and speak of any challenges within. The darkness is not something to ignore, instead, we want to fully honour any darkness within and potentially learn to see it as a teacher.

Sitting in a circle is powerful for several reasons. Firstly, it is an opportunity for you to release any emotions you have been harbouring that needs to spoken and witnessed. Secondly, to be a person who is listening as others speak allows you the opportunity to support others simply by being there and listening. Additionally, something gets created that is beyond words. A new empathy gets created, a new dynamic between those who show up can emerge, and a real sense of community can be felt.

Traditionally, circles were often for women only and women's only events have been emerging more and more. Although we support any space for people to come together, at Kali Collective, we want to have all people, regardless of gender, to come together to learn from one another. In honour of Kali herself, we want to dissolve limitations and divides between people and instead have everyone come together as a community. The days of thinking that speaking about emotions are for girls only, are over. It's time for men to sit in a circle with women to hear what our experiences of womanhood, sex, menstrual cycles, motherhood and societal pressures feel like. And it's time for women to sit with men to learn how relationships, pressure at work, what it is to be a "man" and how it feels to be "tough" all the time feels like. And It's time for those who don't identify with either gender to speak up and educate us on how that feels and what it's like so we can learn from you.

Everyone is accepted in our community and we welcome everyone to participate in our All Humans Circles. You do not have to speak a word if it doesn't feel right for you and you will never be forced into discussing anything that you don't want to. What we can promise you is that just by showing up, you will be contributing to something greater than you know.

In a circle, there is no leader, only someone gently guiding the conversation. You can expect questions to be asked to spark conversation and topics to be explored to create curiosity; however, the conversation will go with the natural unfolding of what is being brought to the surface. There may be a short meditation taught but we will not be doing any physical yoga. All you need to bring is yourself and an open heart.

Dates for our All Humans Circle:

June 14th, July 5th, August 30th & September 27th on Friday nights from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm. This event is charged at a normal class price. Short on cash? Use our Pay What You Can program and choose what you can afford from as little as £4.