Why Bali? Because it’s where I come alive.


You know that feeling when you are really, really thirsty and you finally take a big gulp of cold water and feel it trickle through every single cell? It's like you start to wake up from the inside out, and parts of you deep inside come alive. Or after being separated from someone you love very much and seeing them again for the first time, like electricity pulses through you and lights you up in every direction?

Many things do this to me, but some of the most potent of these experiences have happened in a specific part of the world. Three places do this to me every time; Whistler, Canada, The Scottish Highlands, and Bali, Indonesia. When I am in these places, it feels as if two long lost lovers have been reunited again, like I'm back home after a life long journey.


There is a pulse in Bali that I feel intensely. Maybe it's the crisp air, or the rhythm of the jungle, or the gentle wrapping of the warm sun around me that recalibrates me back to my true essence. A surge of inspiration fires through me, and when I'm in Bali, I feel like anything is possible. My skin clears and glows, my hair flows into its natural wild, my body flourished from the beautiful, soulful food and I truly come alive.


The Spirit of Bali resonates deeply with the Spirit inside me, which is life in deep reverence for the Earth, for tradition, for the Spirit world and well, Yoga. For me to walk the streets of this Hindu island and see them named after great Gods and Goddesses from Hindu mythology lights me up and makes me feel a deep sense of belonging, walking alongside these characters I love so much. To me, the Balinese people embody the essence of yoga. The culture is complex, dynamic, rich and full of depth. They embody what it is to respect both the Earth and the Spirit realm. The seen and the unseen. The known and the unknown. Just like yoga, the island is flooded with superficial, pretentious people, businesses, ideas and suffers its abuses. And yet, deep below the hustle and bustle and wheels turning to please those who want to tick Bali off their bucket list, there remains a potent, profound alchemy and Spirit in the air and in the land that cannot be shaken and will always be there for those who want to see it.


So this is why Bali. The last 7 years of my life have been wholeheartedly dedicated to the tradition of yoga and being in Bali helps me fully immerse myself in this rich tradition. I chose to make decisions in my life that allows for the freedom to go back to this place that holds such a special place in my heart so I can recalibrate back to home within myself, back to my true nature. I chose Bali, again and again, so I can remind myself what it feels like to fully come alive.

Join me this March in Bali

There is no light without darkness. There is no sun without the moon. Our invitation is to learn how to live our lives without preferring one over the other. Our work to living a full, conscious life is to honor both sides and see all aspects of ourselves and the world around us. The shadow and the light.

Join Steph for this soul and nature-centered week in the Balinese Jungle. Running in conjunction with Nyepi Day, Bali's New Year's Day, we will explore and honor the infusion and merging of the sun and the moon, the masculine and feminine, the fire and ice, the yin and yang.

Through our yoga practice, we will explore both vinyasa and yin yoga to discover the dynamic play of these two forces within our inner landscape. By humbly honoring Balinese culture as guests of the island, we will participate and witness the New Years Eve Festival and the silent day that follows. Together, we will see and observe the dance of the masculine and feminine in both our internal and external world.

Dates : March 3rd - 10th

Accommodation: Gorgeous jungle Villas in Ubud, Bali 

Prices start at $1695 USD