An Introduction to Arm Balances & Inversions | By Steph Wall

An Introduction to Arm Balances & Inversions  | By Steph Wall

We flew, we balanced, we fell...

And we certainly laughed too! Remember all those reason we spoke about for wanting to learn arm balances and inversions!? Well, top of the list was to have fun and be challenged! And that's exactly what happened. You rocked it and it's been so fun to see some of you put those tools into practice since the workshop! 
I wanted to do a little write up about the workshop because I know it's easy to forget things. Remember that everything is a progression and we build bit by bit until we are upside down and flying around! 

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Transitioning into the New Year

On Jan 3rd, our belied teacher, Zac and Hollie taught a beautiful 2 hour class themed around transitioning into the new year. A challenging practice to help us move through blockages, shake the dust and come into this year brighter and firm on our feet.

A Thank You doesn't cut it! Our thanks will be embodied action that will ripple through our communities and beyond. 

We love you Zac and Hollie!