Mat Pilates Teacher Training | with Victoria Cunningham
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Mat Pilates Teacher Training | with Victoria Cunningham

StretchBodyMind Pilates Matwork Instructor Training at The Kali Collective

Want a new healthy career as a Pilates Instructor?

Perhaps you would like to lead a happy, active, healthy life as a full-time certified Pilates professional. Or add this teaching qualification to your existing career portfolio.

If so, the StretchBodyMind Pilates Matwork Instructor Training has been designed with you in mind.

It combines industry accredited training with comprehensive mentoring support and offers you the opportunity to start a new career sharing the work of Joseph Pilates without having to leave your current job to do so.

This course, which will take place at the Kali Collective for the second year running, consists of three weekend intensives a month apart followed by an assessment day 8 weeks later. The intensive nature of the course means that this is particularly suitable for career changers.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for people who have a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology (ideally above GCSE level) and who have been attending Pilates mat classes for approximately 6 months.

It also works for those dance/yoga/fitness professionals who wish to expand their teaching portfolio and enhance their earning potential.

If you have limited Pilates experience you would be expected to attend at least 2 or 3 classes to gain familiarity before you attend this practical course.

If you have limited anatomy and physiology knowledge we will offer a basic anatomy and physiology access course in advance to prepare you for the course.

Course Format

During the course you will learn the principles of Pilates Matwork as well as how to programme and instruct a series of Pilates Matwork sessions in a one-to-one or group setting.

  • Principles: Principles of exercise, fitness and health; Anatomy & Physiology for exercise and health; History and Principles of Pilates

  • Programming: Health & Safety in a fitness environment; Teaching Special Populations; Creating a series of Pilates Matwork classes

  • Instructing: Client interviews including postural assessment; Teaching, adapting and progressing Pilates Matwork exercises; Business skills


  • You will complete a comprehensive Learner Achievement Portfolio and create a series of class plans

  • 2 multiple choice theory exams (on Principles of Exercise, Fitness & Health and Anatomy & Physiology)

  • Practical Summative Assessment approximately 8 weeks after the training is complete


On completion of the course you will gain a Level 3 Diploma from Active IQ which is worth 20 CPD points with REPS (the Register of Exercise Professionals). This gives the highest nationally recognised qualification for Pilates in the UK.


June 2 & 3, July 7 & 8, August 4 & 5, Assessment date: 6-8 weeks later TBC



£1650 after 3rd March 2018.

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