The Kali Collective Post-Graduate 40-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program is a very unique and intimate experience to gain confidence and skills to fire up your path as a teacher and a student. The program is created with the intention of nurturing and empowering the unique teacher inside of you by providing you with the tools you need to step into your best self.


  • Establishing your unique voice and learning how to express it authentically
  • Setting strong, clear goals for your path as a teacher
  • Language skills for effective cueing
  • Creative Vinyasa Sequencing 
  • Effective demonstrations that will empower your students
  • Add a deeper dimension to your classes by learning how to effectively theme
  • Healing hands: the what, when, where, how and why behind physical adjustments
  • 108 shades of grey: discussing business and ethics of yoga
  • Therapeutics: Become knowledgeable and more empathetic towards basic ailments that your students may arrive with
  • How to stay inspired as a yoga practitioner and teacher
  • How to create workshops
  • How to develop self care practices on and off the mat
  • Practice teaching with teacher and peer feedback 

Course dates & times:


Program cost:


We also have one-to-one mentorships at times that suit you. Please contact us for prices.