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Strong Shoulders, Upper Back and Neck | Anatomically Focused Yoga Workshop with Alice Gray

In vinyasa yoga we use our upper body a lot! This weight bearing can put disproportionate stress on the shoulders and create tension in the neck and upper back. In this workshop you will learn why and how to strengthen the entire region of the shoulders and cultivate greater balance and freedom in this area. You will work through key techniques and actions of the shoulders to understand how to do fundamental postures such as down dog and chaturanga, and how to skilfully build on these principles when doing other postures including arm balances, inversions and backbends. We will finish with techniques to create a greater sense of release in the neck and upper back. For those with a regular yoga practice looking to refine and advance their practice.  It is also a great opportunity for yoga teachers wishing to gain a clearer and deeper understanding of significant bio-mechanics that will in turn support their students and teaching craft.  Investment; £30

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Later Event: April 13
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