What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Kali Collective Steph Wall

Here at Kali we love and dedicate ourselves to the Vinyasa flow style of yoga - but what exactly is it, and how does it differ from other styles of practise?

Vinyasa is characterised by linking yoga postures together so you that you move gently and seamlessly from one posture to the next.  It is sometimes called ‘flow yoga’ and we refer to sequences of postures as ‘flows’.  

It is different from Ashtanga yoga which is a set sequence of postures, that works its way through several series; and it differs from Hatha yoga which is often times quite slow with fewer sun salutations. 

The focus of Vinyasa is to increase body heat (and sweat!) and encourage natural detoxification.  We do this using a series of repeated poses which help build strength and flexibility. There are different levels (see our timetable for these) so Vinyasa is suitable for both experienced practitioners and those new to yoga. The poses are not difficult to learn and with practise you will find yourself moving easily and naturally through a flow. 

The benefits of Vinyasa are numerous and include increased strength, mobility, detoxification, and stress relief. It has also been linked with benefits to the cardiovascular system.  As with all yoga, Vinyasa connects the body to the breath, and encourages focus and mindfulness. You could perhaps think of it as a form of ‘moving meditation’.  

At Kali we offer a popular Vinyasa 1 class for beginners. The pace is gentle and supportive, and poses are slow and carefully explained.  Why not give it a try and see if it’s for you?