I'm a complete beginner. How do I know which class to attend?

If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend you start with a Vinyasa 1, Yin or Restorative class. Our Vinyasa 1 classes are aimed at beginners and those wanted to reground themselves in the practice. This class involves demonstrations and explanations to build your confidence, awareness and alignment. Power Yoga is not suitable for beginners. 

What package is best for me?

Start with our Intro Offer of 5 classes for £35, and try to make it to a variety of class types led by different teachers. Our teachers and classes are diverse, but share the same teaching standards.

After you finish the Intro Offer,  you should base your purchase on how often you practice. If you practice once a week we recommend any of the class passes - 5 or 10. Keep in mind, the more classes you purchase at one time, the less it costs per visit.

If you plan on practicing two or more times per week, we highly recommend signing up for one of our unlimited memberships.

Are there rental mats?

Yes! Rental mats are £1 — please bring cash if you do not already have a card on our system. 

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that allows for movement and bare feet! Shorts/leggings and a t-shirt are a good place to start if you are brand new to it.

What to expect before a class?

Please arrive approximately ten to fifteen minutes prior to the start of class to sign in, get in the studio, and settled on your mat. We have mats to rent and cubbies to store your belongings. Shoes are not allowed in the studio. Please turn your phone off.

What to expect during a class?

Be prepared to get present in your body and with those around you. Go with the flow! Savasana (the last part of the class) is important. Please stay for this pose. It helps decrease your stress levels from day-to-day and relaxes the body. If you cannot stay for the entirety of class, please let the teacher know beforehand so they can help you leave quietly.

What to expect after a class?

Make sure you wipe down your mat and the area around your mat. It helps ensure that you and all of your yogi friends stay safe and comfortable in class.

Is there a place to shower?

Yes! Female showers are on floor 3 and male showers on floor 4, located within the bathrooms. Please bring your own towel.