Where can I find you?


We are suite 413/415b of The Pentagon Building in Glasgows city centre. Just off Argyle Street, you can walk from Glasgow Central in about 10 minutes and Charing Cross in about 5 minutes. You can buzz reception or our suite which is buzzer number 4152 if the main door is not open!

Parking available on the street or in Washington Street car park, directly across from The Pentagon building.

To get into the building please buzz 4152. Head in, past reception to the lift and go up to the 4th floor, then follow signs for 413 where we will be!


I am a beginner, what class is best for me?

If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend you start with a Vinyasa 1, Yin or Restorative class. Our Vinyasa 1 classes are aimed at beginners and those wanted to reground themselves in the practice. This class involves demonstrations and explanations to build your confidence, awareness and alignment. Power Yoga is not suitable for beginners. 

I am pregnant, what class is best for me?

Vinyasa 1 is our most suited for pregnancy. Please always inform the teacher so they can offer modifications if needed.

Do you have mats for rent?

Yes we have 5mm thick non slip lululemon mats for rent. £1 each, ask your teacher on arrival.

Do you have showers?

Yes! Female showers are on floor 3 and Male showers on floor 4. Located within the bathrooms. We advise brining your own towel however we do have some nice fluffy white ones for rent!

What should I wear?


Comfortable clothing that allows for movement and bare feet! Shorts/leggings and a tshirt are a good place to start if you are brand new to it!

I'd like to rent or host an event in your studio, what should I do?

Drop us an email, let’s chat....hello@kalicollective.com

I'd like to set up yoga classes for my workplace, how do I go about that?

Check out our Yoga At Yours page for details and pricing. Drop us an email at hello@kalicollective.com with location, number of people and desired day/time. Please note that minimum numbers apply..

Warm Yoga FAQ'S

What is the difference between hot yoga, warm yoga, and room temperature?

Hot yoga is typically around 40 degrees. Warm yoga is around 26-30 and room temperature is around 20. 

Are there showers at the studio?

Yes, however, they are not in the studio itself. The Pentagon building offers showers on every floor in the bathroom, which is right down the hall. The 2nd and 4th floors are the male showers and the 1st and 3rd floor are female. 

What style of yoga is taught in your warm room?

We will be keeping to the same style we have been teaching all along. Vinyasa, yin, and restorative will be taught in the warm room. 

What do I need to practice in the warm room?

We recommend you bring your own mat and towel and wear comfortable, light clothing. We have mats and mat towels for rent for £1 each. If you borrow a mat from us you must use your own towel to cover the mat or rent a mat towel to place on top of the rental mat. We also have small hand towels to use after class for £1 rent. Please bring water or a water bottle to fill up at the studio. We have water and coconut water for purchase at the studio. 

Where can I change before and after class?

We have a dedicated changing area at the back of the warm studio which includes 2 private changing stalls. There is plenty of storage for you to leave your things during class. 

I'm new to yoga, can I attend classes is the warm room?

We have intentionally placed the beginner classes in the non-heated room because we feel it is the safest way to be introduced to yoga. Practicing yoga in a non-heated room allows you the opportunity to get familiar with the postures and how they feel in your body before moving into the heat, which can take more awareness and sensitivity towards your body. We recommend around 5 vinyasa 1 or 1/2 classes before trying vinyasa 2 in the heated room.